Thursday, July 01, 2004

Search Engine Optimization

This blog currently is the number one result if you search the term "strategize" on Google.  Is that because I have performed some sort of optimization on my blog to make it that way?  No, I haven't (at least not that I am aware of).  I have heard that Google likes to index sites that are constantly updated, that Google likes to index Blogger blogs because they own the company, and I know that Google has assigned my a Page Rank of 6/10.

I have spent some time registering my blog on various different blog indexes.  Additionally, I spend time trading links with other blogs that I read.  A lot of my referrals come from blog search engines like Technorati and Feedster.  My counter does allow me to track search engine jumps to my blog, and I do get a fair amount of traffic primarily from Yahoo and Google.

Seth's has a post about his feelings regarding search engine optimization.  From his post, here is why Seth does not recommend Search Engine Optimization:

  • "Because it's a black art, it's really hard to tell who's good and who's not."  I certainly wouldn't pay anyone to optimize my site.  I keep this blog as much for the people that read it as I do as a resource for myself.  That being said, I do enjoy reading all the posts for increasing traffic to my blog over at Blog Business World.
  • "my real problem, though, starts with an analogy. Imagine your retail store was on a road that no one ever drove down unless they found it on a map. And then imagine that they redid the maps every week and the mapmakers refused to tell you exactly how they went about deciding which roads to draw and in which hierarchy to place them."  This is a very interesting way to look at how search engines work.



OmniScience said...

I am totally convinced with what Seth says. I have put my comments on the ideas at

OmniScience said...

I am totally not convinced with what Seth says. I have put my comments on the ideas at

Anonymous said...

er, important point: who the heck searches for "strategize"? Could you rank for "New York Hotel" if you were a blog about hotels? Doubt it.

Ross said...

I think it all depends what you are looking for, but thanks for your opinion.

Judy said...

I don't think Seth is right, Search Engine Optimization is what helps customers find your site and buy your products/services. It's not luck, it's hard work.

stacyfaye said...

That's an interesting analogy.
It helps put things into perspective. Thank you so much for the insight.

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