Friday, July 23, 2004

Technical ActiveX Spyware blocker

Lockergnome has a post that links through to this page on Spyware-Guide.  From the aforementioned page you can download an executable that solves the following, according to the site:

Tired of all that Spyware and Adware crap being installed by ActiveX ?
But don't want to lose out on functionality?

We have created a system that blocks all known "bad" ActiveX controls from running inside Internet Explorer by setting the "Kill bit".

When a page tries to install a component from our list, it will fail.
When a page tries to use a component from our list that was already present on your system, it will fail too!

Other, "friendly" components are not affected.

For those of use that may be suspicious about this, there is actually this Microsoft article.

I'm going to give it a try although I now do 100% of my non-Intranet browsing on Firefox.

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