Sunday, July 18, 2004

P2P Video sharing Climbing

Check out this post on Lockergnome regarding P2P file sharing.  From the post:

Despite what certain agencies may want you to believe, Peer-to-Peer file sharing is booming big time. To my surprise, video has actually over taken music in the #1 content slot being downloaded.

Not that it is surprising that video is being downloaded -- it was being downloaded even while the RIAA was suing filesharers.  What is surprising is how quickly video has supposedly overtaken audio.

Check out this article on BBC News.  From the article:

"Video has overtaken music," CacheLogic founder and chief technology officer Andrew Parker

Interesting (a little bit) to me are these facts from the article:

File-swappers have moved their attention to other peer-to-peer software, such as Bittorrent.

While the FastTrack network (which carries Kazaa ) still accounts for 24% of all P2P traffic, the lesser known Bittorrent and eDonkey together account for 72% of file-sharing, according to CacheLogic's report.

Hopefully the MPAA has learned how not to do things from the RIAA approach.  Unfortunately, I am not optimistic.

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