Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Seth Godin's new project

I wrote a post back in March regarding Seth Godin looking for interns.  Seth has posted a soft rollout of what he and the interns have been working on that redirects to this post on Worthwhile.  From Worthwhile:

First, if you haven't started following this very interesting project he's involved in at this link -- CHANGETHIS -- get cracking and go over there and check it out.

Their blog for the project is Read and Pass, and don't miss this post about their cool team -- Noah, Phoebe, Amit and Michelle.

Essentially ChangeThis is an idea that will allow authors to rapidly publish their works in such a way as to turn their works into instant ideaviruses; much the same way that Seth distributed his book entitled "Unleashing the Ideavirus."

Here are the basic ideas behind a manifesto (click through to view more detail):

Principle 1 -- A manifesto shouldn't be angry.  But it can make you angry!

Principle 2 --  When I'm done reading a manifesto, I should be able to make the argument myself.

Principle 3 --  A manifesto should contain both hope and a plan.

Principle 4 -- A manifesto should be as short as possible and as long as necessary.

Principle 5 --  A manifesto must be of utmost importance to a specific hive of sneezers: a subset of people who like to spread ideas.

Principle 6 --  A manifesto won't convert the masses immediately.   Instead, a successful manifesto sows the seeds of doubt.

Principle 7 --  The first page must sell the reader on reading the second page.

Principle 8 --  Manifestos must be heretical. If you're just going to say what everyone already knows, no one's going to pay attention.

Follow the link above to get a few more manifesto "Details."  Even better, read the manifesto about creating manifestos.

I am very excited to keep my eye on this project.  You can get even more details by reading the company blog (Read and Pass) for this project.

Stay tuned, this is very interesting!

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