Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Companies not allowing iPods?

Slashdot has an interesting post that links through to this article on ZDNet UK, which states that iPods are a security risk.

I'm sure you can all guess why someone might see an iPod as a security risk; the thing's just a hard drive.  However, to specifically pick on the iPod as a security risk is asinine.  There is storage in the phones that employees are syncing to Outlook, there is storage space in the memory cards of digital cameras, USB thumb drives keep getting smaller and are even being embedded into watches, and there are online storage sites (hell, you could e-mail yourself 1gig worth of files to a Gmail account).

If you're a company that's worried about data loss/corporate espionage, you may want to consider the exact kind of hardware that you are putting at your employees' desks.

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