Friday, July 30, 2004


I was pretty surprised to read this post on MSMobiles regarding Centrino-powered laptops and WiFi access points.  From the post:

It's almost unbelievable but true: several Centrino powered notebooks and Tablet PC computers refuse to connect to several Wi-Fi access points!

Before you will do something stupid, like for example re-installing whole operating system in your Centrino notebook, just because it doesn't like to work with your Wi-Fi access point, check out whether your Wi-Fi access point is actually Centrino compatible!!! If it is not then check out if proper software upgrades for this access point are available that address Centrino compatibility. If there are no such ugrades, then throw away your access point. . . 

Simply speaking: don't buy Wi-Fi access points that don't have “Connect with a laptop featuring Intel Centrino mobile technology” badge!

Now I have another reason to check and see why my Centrino laptop hates staying connected Linksys access points.


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