Friday, July 23, 2004

U2's Pledge

If the CD that was stolen during a U2 photoshoot last week winds up on file sharing networks, u2 is going to immediately release the CD as a legal download on iTunes -- hat's the story according to this article on Wired.

Understandably, the band has put a ton of work into the new album, but it seems a little weird to me to "threaten" to put the album out on iTunes if the music is released on file sharing networks.  Listen, if the album is done and ready to distribute, put it our on iTunes anyway: generate some buzz prior to the record release party and give people that would otherwise download it from a file sharing network a legal way to get the music.

What would be interesting is if the music comes out on a file sharing network on any other day but Tuesday.  Would U2 and its record company wait until the industry standard day of Tuesday to release the music, or would they truly immediately release it?

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