Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beta desktop search tools and PSTs

Anyone else worried about the number of beta desktop search products that are interacting with your Outlook PST files?  I've been lucky in that I haven't had too many corrupted PST files in my time using Outlook (knock on wood), but I do worry about all the different search programs that are entering my PSTs to index the e-mails and attachments.  I get a security alert from Outlook 2003 every time that Filehand Search goes through my PSTs, although I have not experienced that issue with X1 or Lookout for Outlook.  I still haven't installed the new MSN Search and the Google Search doesn't have the capability to search within PSTs yet.

I guess I feel more comfortable with the full versions (i.e., non-beta) of software like X1 and Filehand, but I do still worry about PST corruption.  My advice to all of you: Just be careful using these beta tools or letting them have too much interaction with your PST files, especially if you are not backing up your PSTs on a daily basis.


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