Thursday, December 16, 2004

Is the music industry getting it?

It's hard to tell, but there seems to be a ray of hope based on this post at Seth Godin's blog.  I would certainly reccommend reading the whole thing (yes, it is lengthy, and, yes, it might offend some of your virgin eyes with the language).

Here's a teaser, read the rest at Seth's blog:

It's all about permission marketing. Getting people to ALLOW you to sell to them. All the old wave marketing. On TV. It no longer works. Because of CLUTTER! Hell, I can see the same thing at MY HOUSE! I'm so INUNDATED with music that I listen to almost none of it. I need a REASON to listen. And it's not traditional. Hell, even AIRPLAY doesn't impress me. I've got to KNOW the person involved. Or else somebody NOT involved has to tell me it's happening. And these people I trust. The relationship isn't built in a day. And it's based on honesty. Ongoing veracity. And you overhype me once, break my trust once, and you're done.

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