Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Konfabulator updated

The Tablet PC Weblog has a post that details the changes in the updated version of Konfabulator.  From the post:

    • Reduced our memory footprint in Task Manager.
    • Upgraded the URL object to support POSTing, outputting to a file and returning the HTTP response code (see the Release Notes).
    • Made the Below window level stick to the desktop when choosing Show Desktop from the Task Bar.
    • We now react properly to monitor configuration changes and move widgets appropriately. We also remember where they were per screen config.
    • We now store our unzipped widgets in the local app data folder, not the system’s temporary folder. This avoids the problems people experience when running temp file cleaners, essentially wiping out all the support files for a running widget.
    • Fixed problem where click-through was not working. This meant you had to click twice if a widget was not already active.
    • Redid CPU monitoring code to avoid issues with performance counters. It should work on all machines now.
    • Attempted to solve the occasional spontaneous unregistering issue. If you do become unregistered after installing this release, enter your registration again. We have an alternate solution in place, so if you re-register, it will do it a bit differently and will hopefully be permanent.
    • Added automatic check for updates, with ability to ‘skip’ a version.
    • Read the detailed Windows Release Notes

I had actually uninstalled Konfabulator from my Windows machine because of problems that I was having with it; I'll re-install now that it seems many of the problems have been addressed.

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