Friday, December 31, 2004

A major artist bypasses the labels

According to this post on The Big Picture, James Taylor, after fulfilling his obligation to Columbia Records with his last major release cut a new album called "James Taylor: A Christmas Album."  He then went and secured exclusive distribution rights with Hallmark Cards and set the price of the album at $10.95 or $6.95 with the purchase of 3 greeting cards.

No advertising and almost zero press yielded total sales of over 1 million copies in less than 2 months (that's platinum status, by the way).

Not surprisingly, Hallmark is considering deals with other artists for other card-purchase-heavy holidays and seasons.

Another blow for the record companies, but a win for consumers.

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M said...

Might already be happening, but the card as a cd package sounds like a good idea too. "Happy Birthday" on front, open card, "Boogie on Down", and an Earth Wind and Fire Triute Album or sum such thang.