Thursday, December 23, 2004


Is Mozilla taking a run at Outlook?  Sure looks like it based on this page at Mozilla:

Welcome to the Mozilla Calendar Project. We are striving to build a cross-platform fully standards based calendar client based on the open iCal standard. Our client is built using the XUL user interface language and is targeted at Mozilla based browsers, including the Netscape 7.x series of browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and the Mozilla Application Suite.

So pair up a highly functional Sunbird calendar built on an open standard with an awesome mail program like Thunderbird (by the way, you don't have to store your Thunderbird e-mails in goofy PST files) and you wind up with a pretty powerful competitor to Outlook.  To that end:

Mozilla developer Mike Shaver has announced the "Lightning project". "Lightning" is the working project name for an extension to tightly integrate calendar functionality (scheduling, tasks, etc.) into Thunderbird.

With Lightning, Mozilla Thunderbird will have a set of user features that is much more competitive with Outlook, especially in enterprise usage.

It's hard to beat the price of Mozilla products (ummm, free).

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Charlie said...

This is great news for me! I made the switch from IE to Firefox and never looked back. But I use Outlook (the whole thing, not Express) for my e-mail, calendar, etc. I tried Thunderbird and found it lacking for all that stuff. Plus, it wouldn't automatically import my mail filters/rules from Outlook. I'd be real interested in giving it a second look if it becomes a viable option.