Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tablet PC and other software stuff

There's a new version of Evernote that I found via this post on The Tablet PC weblog.  Evernote seems to do a much better ink recognition job than the built-in Windows ink recognition program.  A lot of the upgrades seem to be better searching and much better drag and drop support.

You can now copy plain text from a webpage viewed in any Mozilla browser (including Firefox); this is helpful when you are trying to copy something into, say, a blog post editor and don't want to wind up with all kinds of goofy symbols in your posts.  I found out about this via this post on The Tablet PC Weblog.

Bells and Whistles for Outlook allows you to automate greetings for replies (useful when in tablet mode) and has some other neat features like allowing you to make a mass e-mail look custom.  Found via this post on The Tablet PC Weblog.

The Getting Things Done Workflow for Outlook adds a very useful bar for those of us that receive tons of e-mail daily.  Essentially, the GTD toolbar allows you to designate how you are going to respond to received e-mails.  Options include delegating e-mails, deferring e-mails, deleting e-mails, setting the response up as a task, or even designating a response as "someday."  This software is available fully compiled or is also available in PDF form with full-blown instructions on how to install the GTD toolbar without installing software (very useful for people in companies with very strict IT policies).  Found via this post on The Tablet PC Weblog.  This certainly beats just letting actionable e-mails sit in my Inbox until I get around to them; most of the time I wind up forgetting about them.

Anagram for Outlook is an intelligent piece of software that parses any information highlighted in Outlook and creates the appropriate Outlook data object (i.e., a new contact based on highlighted contact information in the body or signature of an e-mail) when you press a user-assigned hotkey.  I've only been using this for a few days, but I find it especially helpful for contact specifically; no more alt-tab and copying and pasting between an e-mail message and a new contact.  Found via this post on The Tablet PC Weblog.

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