Friday, December 10, 2004


That was fast!  Granted I'm a little behind the blogosphere buzz, but I only posted about Sprint and Nextel looking at merging a few hours ago, and lo and behold, I finally get through all the blog posts I missed while I was gone, saw a post pop up on Engadget, and the Wall Street Journal is apparently now reporting that there is a tentative merger agreement that has Sprint swapping 1.3 shares for every Nextel share.  The new company, once merged and called (very inventive name) Sprint-Nextel, will wind up being the 3rd largest wireless carrier. 

Does this mean that Nextel will start getting cool phones (i.e., the Treo 650)?  Does this mean that Nextel is switching to a PTT over CDMA framework?  Will you still be able to roam on the Verizon network for an extra $5 per month?  Does this mean that Motorola will lose the exclusive on Nextel phones?

So many questions, so little time.  I'll check the Internet again in 5 minutes to see if there are any more details.

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