Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Amazon Light

I found Amazon Light via this post on Common Sense and Wonder.  What is Amazon Light?  Well it's an alternative interface to Amazon that adds these following enhancements to the product searching experience:

Tools - When viewing an item's page, with a click (or two), you can

  • Buy the item from Amazon.com
  • Add the item to an Amazon.com Wishlist
  • Send URL to a friend with GMail
  • Set up a DropCash Campaign
  • Send URL and Title to your Blog on Blogger
  • Send URL and Title to your Del.Icio.Us Account
  • Lookup a book at your Local Library
  • Find the same item at Netflix (DVD/Video)
  • Look up an Artist on iTunes (Music)

There's actually a ton more that Amazon Light does that you can see on the main page, but just the stuff listed above is pretty cool.

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