Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I finally downloaded Skype and have been playing around with it; it's very, very cool.  Honestly, it makes me want to get my whole company on it and save a bunch of money and get rid of AOL IM.  Certainly if you are a small company spread across different states (or different area codes in Southern California -- local long distance, you know what I'm talking about) or even different countries, there is no reason not to be using this product.

I found a couple of enhancements for Skype on this post at TJ's Weblog:

  • Skype answering machine can be found here.
  • I haven't yet done a Skype conference call, but you can find out how to record one here.

I am looking to expand my group of Skype contacts that I talk to, so if you want to maybe chat with me and play with the features, search for me in Skype by the URL of this blog in the Advanced Search "homepage" field.  If you send me a request authorization, please tell me the name of the blog you author and/or why I would want to chat with you.

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