Monday, January 03, 2005

TiVo2Go not really ready 2 go?

Lots of reports on all kinds of sources about TiVo2Go launching today.  You can read reports here on Engadget and here at Wired.  The idea of TiVo2Go is that it allows you to free recorded content from your TiVo device and view it on your PC.  Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks:

  • The service software only works on Windows 2000 or XP.  If you have Linux, Macintosh, or any other version of Windows you are, for now, out of luck.  Yes, you do still need special software.
  • TiVo2Go only works on TiVo boxes.  That means, according to this post by Om Malik, that DirecTiVo boxes currently do not support the functionality.  Umm, I believe that DirecTiVo subscribers are a huge portion of the TiVo customer base and the fastest growing TiVo subscriber base.
  • There is currently no way to transfer content to your smartphone or handheld device, even devices running Windows Mobile or Smartphone.  Om Malik thinks it's never going to happen.

This seems like a pretty lame release for what TiVo2Go is should be able to do.  Certainly this is not going to get me to become a new subscriber, but I guess maybe it's cool functionality for existing subscribers.  It is hard for me to believe that DirecTiVo is not supported; if I were a DirecTiVo customer, I would jump ship to the DirecTV DVR solution as soon as it was released.

With so many forthcoming solutions that do not require TiVo, but can use TiVo if you've already got it, notably the Sling Box by Sling Media.  Also check out Orb Networks software and subscription package that works with Windows Media Center.

Seems like TiVo2Go is too little too late, especially if they are trying to use this to justify the subscription cost while they run advertising when you fast forward through commercials.


Brian said...

Yea, as a DirecTivo user, I'm totally frustrated with these guys. I've been with Directv for a long time, but I'm almost ready to switch to Comcast. Especially since I just got a new HDTV and am just amazed at how limited Directv's support for it is. For starters, I need a $1000 HD DirecTivo box, vs. Comcast's FREE. Plus, you need a separate antenna if you want local channels with Directv. Yuck. If Comcast had a "to-go" solution, I'd be sold.

conman2k said...

Yea - DirecTV is killing me. First we don't get the free media option for our Tivos, and now we miss out on TIVO2GO and most likely all future new features. Not too mention HD TIVO is $1000. I have been a subscriber to DirecTV since 1996 - almost 10 years. Yet, I am about to jump ship. There is too much competition out there for us loyal users to sit down and just take it. I'll take my $100 a month elsewhere. See ya DirecTV - we hardly knew ya.

Anonymous said...

I have both a tivo and a comcast DVR. Don't fool yourselves boys, the cable company is light years behind Tivo as far as service. You can't Select a smart season pass that updates, you can only schedule times and it will record that time regardless of what's on. There's no features to connect comcast's box to the net or do updates from their. As far as not being able to send the shows to a pda or phone, who would want to. I have yet to understand why anyone would want to watch TV on an itty bitty screen.

Anonymous said...

Your lack of comprehension doesn't change the fact that it's a feature people wish for and don't have. I personally would love to be able to watch TV on my phone - Whose Line Is It Anyway, or the news, on my cell or my PVP would be just perfect...for the hour between work and band practice, for instance.

"As far as not being able to send the shows to a pda or phone, who would want to. I have yet to understand why anyone would want to watch TV on an itty bitty screen."

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted everyone to know that TIVO series 2 boxes work just fine with DirectTV. You don't need to drop DirectTV because of the DVR issue. The problem is that I have heard multiple stories of people calling DirectTV and they tell them that the original TIVO won't work with DirectTV, but I am a user of both and it works just fine. Hopefully this cures some of your ills.