Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Skype router

If you are looking to make and receive calls over the Skype network and don't want to use one of those goofy USB phones, for about $50 you can get a USB Skype router according to this post on Gizmodo.  The router features 3 regular phone plugs so that you can plug in a phone you already own.  The device is fully compatible with SkypeOut.

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George said...

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konserwa said...

situation: I am using vonage on regular phone connected to vonage (linksys) router - my home network router, and comcast broadband modem.
Also I am using skype, and I hate to do this with speakers/mike/mouse.

question: can I use this linksys/vonage router ( another plug is free)to plug another old phone just for skype in and skype out?