Monday, January 24, 2005

Getting organized = the new dieting

That's what this article in the Boston Globe proposes, in fact saying:

Getting organized is the new dieting. Total organization, like weight loss, is difficult. But it is an antidote to excess for people . . . 

I try to stay as organized as possible.  I've used some sort of closet organization system in all of the houses that I've owned; I had my newest master closet recently done by California Closets and have been very happy with the results.

On a daily basis I use my Outlook calendar to organize my life and carry around a Moleskine for jotting down various notes on blog posts, personal items, and business items.  For more on using Moleskines, I suggest the following:

Moleskines are available all over the place, but I have found them at Barnes and Noble.  They seem to be getting a lot of coverage lately, and I did go and buy one based on all of the coverage.  I will admit that it is nice to have a small, portable note-taking book handy for taking down all kinds of things.  As a collector of quotes, I find the Moleskine especially useful and I find it very useful to leave it by my bed so that I can write things down if I think of them when going to bed or right when waking up.  It may surprise many of you that, as technology-forward as I am, that I am a fan of a Moleskine; opening the cover is much faster than booting my tablet, it's just that simple.

I don't know if I buy into organization consultants -- I have lots of spaces in my office and my organizational system may not make sense, but I can put my hands on anything that I need very quickly.


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