Wednesday, January 05, 2005

No default support for Skype in Plaxo

I just noticed that I have no way of inputting my Skype ID into my Plaxo contact card.  Certainly I can add my Skype ID to my e-mail signature, but it would be nice to be able to share the Skype information with all the people to whom I am connected through Plaxo.


Joseph said...

Hi, I'm an engineer at Plaxo. Many people put their skype id in the IM field on their Plaxo card. For example, "IM: screenname (AIM), skypeid (Skype)" (this is also how they include their IM handles on multiple services). We don't have explicit slots for every type of IM because (a) we wanted to keep the cards simple/flexible and (b) the list is constantly growing. But we have code that can parse most compound IM fields (like my example above) so if we decided to offer some automated link from Plaxo to Skype in the future (e.g. pre-populate your skype buddy list from your Plaxo address book) then we could most-likely find your skype id from your IM field even though it's not explicitly broken out.

Hope this helps, thanks for the feedback!

Ross said...

I actually use IM and Skype, so I was looking to differentiate, but I do see your point: you'd have to add MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. all as fields to accommodate every IM client. Because the name of the field is "IM" perhaps I made the assumption that I was providing my AOLIM name.

Thanks for responding.