Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Vonage + VTech = Vonage built-in broadband phone

According to this post on Engadget, VTech will be offering a wireless phone system with Vonage service built into the base station.  I actually currently use a VTech multiple handset wireless phone system with my Vonage box right now because you only need plug the base station into the a phone line and up to 8 more handsets work off of the single base station.  Everything works great for me with the exception of the answering machine built into the base station; every time the power goes out, the answering machine turns itself back on, which, for some reason, screws up the caller-ID and voicemail functions from Vonage -- when I turn the answering machine off, everything works fine.  Anyway, this new VTech system should be even more slick than my current setup and will run on the 5.8GHZ frequency to ensure that it doesn't screw with your WiFi; if nothing else, it certainly will have a smaller footprint than my current configuration and probably won't have the answering machine problem.

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