Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Creating a better . . . chip clip?

You remember the big plastic versions of office binder clips that you used to try and keep your chips from going stale, don't you? Well, Boing Boing has a post that links through to this article about a former dot-commer that has created a better chip clip.

From the article:

"Dubbed Clip-n-Seal, it's a white plastic rod that snaps into a matching clamp, sealing plastic or paper bags."

Even more interesting is where this inventor is spending his marketing dollars:

"Much of the company's modest ad budget goes to Google, for a clickable ad that pops up when computer users type words like "bag clip" into that popular search engine."

And his promotion:

"To promote its brand, the company is also making creative use of blogs, the increasingly popular form of online journaling."

Sound like a great product, I'll pick one up whenever it finally gets into Target or the local supermarket. And I'm happy to help with your blog promotion.

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