Friday, April 02, 2004

More specific Kinja feedback (hey, why not, someone's reading it)

So I went to use the Kinja bookmarklet to add a blog to my digest. Now when I do this with my BlogLines bookmarklet, I am redirected to the BlogLines site, where I will choose the feed I want to subscribe to , if necessary, or simply just be taken to my BlogLines list of blogs (what's annoying is that I have to use the "Back" function in my browser to get back to what I was browsing before rather than just closing the BlogLines window).

When I tried to use the Kinja bookmarklet, it must launch a window that my Google toolbar thinks is a pop-up because it gets blocked every time unless I hit the "Control" key to allow popups. The annoying thing about that is that if the site I'm on actually has popups that I want blocked, then might those get let through as well. The cool part is that the Kinja subscription opens in a separate window, so I can close it once I have added the blog and I do not have to navigate back because I never left the initial page.

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