Tuesday, April 27, 2004

How to Get Rich

It's the title of Trump's new book. I read it and liked it.

Like most of his media ventures, there is a fair amount of shameless self-promotion, but I respect that. I loved watching how The Apprentice was a massive ad campaign for all of Trump's properties. Additionally, it was especially amusing to me that obviously Nextel was paying for product placement (did anyone else notice that they had put in the Nextel two-way DTMF noise in post production?) on The Apprentice, but Trump was doing Verizon ads.

There are useful tidbits of knowledge in this book and I did enjoy the week-in-the-life-of-Trump section, as I enjoyed a similar section in The Art of the Deal. For those of you curious about Trump's hairstyle (yes, it is hair, not a rug), there is a whole chapter on it.

The structure of the book is very much like a blog -- most of the chapters are 2-5 pages -- probably how I would go about writing a book if I had the time.

All in all, certainly worth buying.

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