Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Young CEO's

BusinessPundit has a brief post that links to this Forbes article that lists the youngest CEO's in America.

Being a "young" guy myself, I decided to take a look at the youngest age on the list, and found, to my extreme surprise, that the youngest person listed was 38 years old (even Michael Dell is 39)! This concerns me a lot, considering that I was planning on being at that level of position within the next 5 years.

Why is it that there are no CEO's under age 30? Is it that the Boards of these companies refuse to believe that anyone not hovering near age 40 can successfully run a business (based on relatively recent events, it's quite obvious that older CEO's certainly have enough knowledge to practice shady accounting)?

This list is just downright appalling to me. Someone tell me about a company that is/was/will take a chance on putting a young person in charge (yes, I do understand that this is from a small pool of Forbes' top 500 firms of the 2000 leading firms).

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