Monday, April 26, 2004


Chris O'Donnell left a comment directing me to Mailinator, another Spam-deterrent site. I went and checked it out, and it's even cooler than my previous post on Sneakemail. Why is it better? You don't have to give Mailinator your real e-mail address. Whenever you have a form that requires an e-mail address for quick registration, you can choose whatever you want If you need to click through an e-mail to receive access to a site, Mailinator keeps e-mail for 45 minutes before deleting. There is no login and password control, simply type in the word you used before the @ sign and you can see the mail.

Potentially anyone could read your registration mail if they knew the word you used and made it within the 45 minute window, but this is somewhat unlikely. I think I'll use a combination of Mailinator and Sneakemail moving forward.

Thanks for the tip Chris!

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