Monday, April 05, 2004

So I'm not the first to explore the idea of blogazine

Obviously, based on my earlier post, Worthwhile is actually creating an online "blogazine" (blog + magazine = blogazine; once again, I don't know if I'm the first to use this term, but it makes sense to me). Here is a post on Business Blog World entitled "From Bloggers to Magazine Columnists."

From the post:

"In fact, there could be many specialized publications, utilizing the knowledge of bloggers. An entire stable of magazines could be created.

What would be needed is a patient publisher, who can afford to wait for a market to develop. The publisher would also have to be patient as to possible advertising sales, which might be very slow in developing.

The upside for bloggers is the fact that they would be paid for their writing efforts. That in and of itself might make the concept very appealing for bloggers."

Ok, so the online blogazine is a long-term investment; that makes sense. However, if you were to simply add this as a more robust feature of a very well-known and extremely technology-embracing magazine, like Fast Company, you might be able to get it to take off faster. After all, if you look at Fast Company right now, they allow you to view all of their articles (read author posts) and search them by topic (hell, they even organize them by topic).

It would be my pleasure to write if anyone ever tries the idea out.

UPDATE: So I am definitely not the first to use the word blogazine. I re-read Seth's post above and realized that he used the word "blogozine." Not exactly the same, but perhaps I unconsciously saw it in his post when I skimmed it (of course, I'd love to think that great minds think alike).

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