Monday, April 19, 2004

What it takes to be a Fast Company

I'm sure this list has been published before, but I hadn't seen it until I read the Letter from the Editor in this month's Fast Company.

Here's the list of questions that are asked to determine whether or not a company is a Fast Company:

1. Does your company create an emotional bond with its customers?
2. Does your strategy stand out from the crowd?
3. Is your company a fun place to work--and a fun organization to do business with?
4. Are you built to change?
5. Do you embrace the value of values?
6. Are you as disciplined as you are creative?
7. Are you winning the battle for talent?
8. Do you use technology to change expectations and reshape your business?
9. Are you built for speed?
10. Have you built a company of leaders?

And in the case of this month's issue about Jet Blue, there was this eleventh question added:

11. Can you scale?

Is your company a Fast Company?

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