Tuesday, April 06, 2004

First public 1GB e-mail box

Spymac has beat Google to market by offering not only a free 1gb e-mail box, but also 350 mb combined storage, personal blogspace, auctions, and other neat toys.

Here's the text from Spymac's site:

Spymac Mail offers several advantages over other free Internet-based email. In addition to the one-gigabyte storage increase, Spymac Mail also offers both POP3 and Webmail access to the email accounts. For those wondering why on earth they would need one gigabyte for POP3 mail, don’t despair; because IMAP mail capabilities are under development and will be available very soon. Spymac Mail does not include keyword scanning for search and has no advertising.

Note the last sentence -- that's a big deal when compared to Google.

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