Friday, March 09, 2007

Amazon Unbox with TiVo trial part 1

Amazon unboxOk, so I just purchased Borat using the $15 credit that I got for registering for the Amazon Unbox service with TiVo -- time of purchase was 11:40AM MST and the system says it can take up to 15 minutes for the movie to show up in the Now Playing on my TiVo.   At 11:55AM it appeared in the Now Playing list with a little blue dot in a circle next to it, so I'll assume that's the new color-based symbol for something that's downloading or transferring to the TiVo.  I'm actually not sure how long it had been in the Now Playing list because I had left the list where Borat should have appeared and it didn't appear until I paged away from the listing and paged back.  I'll assume that it arrived there not later than 11:55AM, so I'll check back every 15 minutes to see how long the download takes.

Stay tuned for updates.

Link -- Borat on unbox 

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