Monday, March 19, 2007

Morning multitasking workout

Generally I set aside 40 minutes every morning to work out.  Most days (i.e., the days where I am not lifting weights) I hop on the TreadClimber in the bedroom and perform a multitasking workout routine.

tc5000My goal in 40 minutes is to exceed 2 miles on the TreadClimber with not less than 2,000 vertical feet -- due to the fact that the TreadClimber moves the independent treadmill components ("treadals") up and down while also maintaining forward velocity, the machine calculates both mileage and vertical feet.  While on the TreadClimber I always read either a book or magazine -- magazines are the best as the lay perfectly open on the control panel, hard cover books are second best as most will lay close to flat on the control panel, and paperback books are the worst as they normally require 2 hands to make them readable -- and have CNN Headline News on in the background.  Once I settle into the groove on the TreadClimber, most of my attention is focused on whatever I am reading while I have the ability to look up at CNN if I hear something interesting.  Due to the fact that I work out in a period of 40 minutes, regardless of when I start during the course of any given hour, I will always get the full 30 minute digest of news that Headline News constantly re-broadcasts throughout the day.

Although you could definitely do a similar routine to mine on many pieces of exercise equipment, I like that the TreadClimber gives a slightly better workout than a traditional treadmill.  I've been fairly happy with the TreadClimber and even though some parts have needed replacement, they have all been covered by warranty and the repairs have been done without the machine needing to be removed from my house. 

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