Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big e-mail changes

Today Yahoo! Mail announced unlimited storage for e-mail accounts starting in May 2007.  Obviously this takes direct aim at the e-mail storage limit of 2.8GB currently imposed by Google's Gmail.  I still think that Gmail is a better e-mail environment, but if you've hit the storage limit and no longer can use your Gmail account, you may want to look at Yahoo! Mail.

Gmail's Mail Fetcher no longer prevents you from using POP for other Gmail accounts.  This means that if you are looking to consolidate multiple Gmail accounts, you can now POP into other Gmail accounts from your primary account and get your e-mails in other Gmail accounts moved over without having to deal with any screwed up date and time information by using GExodus or similar programs.

If populating mail into Gmail from other accounts is worth spending a little money to you, I did find a simple solution to getting mail into Gmail:

  • For $24.95 for 6 months, you can sign up for a account that include both POP and IMAP access with 2gb of storage.

  • Load all of your e-mail into the Fastmail account using IMAP -- you can use Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

  • POP into your Fastmail account from Gmail Mail Fetcher and pull all of your e-mail over.

It will be interesting to see how Gmail responds to Yahoo!'s announcement.

Link -- Yahoo! Mail 

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