Friday, March 09, 2007

Need to convince IT that Macs are good in the enterprise?

appleSeth Weintraub over at ComputerWorld wrote a pretty lengthy article on the subject today -- I printed it and it's a full 2.5 pages long (it shows up as 5 pages if you just read through it on the site).  There's not a lot of surprising information in the article for those of us that are fans of Macs, but some of the major points are:

  • Consumer-grade (i.e., Mini, iMac, and MacBook) models are excellent machines for the enterprise and while the Pro-level machines might be right for specific functions, the consumer models are perfect for most.

  • Development and deployment of applications and internal systems that are web-based and operating system independent.

  • Full feature set of Mac systems, even the $599 Mac Mini.

  • Use of Intel processors making virtualization viable, cost-effective, and easy.

  • Interoperability with Active Directory not only on the desktops, but also on the server side.

  • Suite of administrative tools, including the "ghosting" software that is not hardware dependent (a ghost image for one Intel processor machine can be used to image all Intel processor machines from the Mini all the way up to the Pro).

  • Leopard, when released, will be Universal and will offer the same feature set for PowerPC-based systems and Intel-based systems.

Anyway, read the article and then forward it to the head of your IT department.


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