Thursday, March 22, 2007

Logitech Harmony appears to have AppleTV remote support

Good news! 

Check the screen grab below (click the photo for a bigger version):

harmony appletv

For those of you with Harmony remotes, I simply did the following from within the Harmony software:

  • "Device" tab

  • "Add Device"

  • "Computer" radio box

  • "Apple" as manufacturer from the drop-down

  •  Input "AppleTV" as the model number

The Logitech software immediately moved on to the screen grab you see above, which leads me to believe that they've got the Harmony remotes ready to be programmed to control the Apple Remote.  Although I'll be waiting to get all of my equipment and cables next week before I reprogram everything, I find this very encouraging as it has been my experience that if the Logitech software recognizes something without giving you an error, then it just works.

I am interested to see if I can get the Harmony remote to actually be the sole paired remote with the AppleTV though that is not a critical feature for me if it doesn't work.

More on this later as well, but if you are the owner of an AppleTV and are looking for a great multi-function remote that can control everything, you may want to check out the Harmony series (and be sure to shop around for sales on these things -- I got mine for $150.00 off just by searching around and I always see them on Craigslist).


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Anonymous said...


it's just a great info about it i owned this remote it is very reliable and easy to use and now i don't have to just find my other remotes for another system...only thing i don't liked is the price they are very very high...