Friday, March 30, 2007

Gmail account consolidation, getting mail into Gmail from other accounts, etc.

GmailOne of the more recent popular series of posts on my blog are the posts about consolidating Gmail accounts and getting mail into your Gmail account.  Due to the volume of questions and comments, I have created a Squidoo lens as a central repository that consolidates all of the information on my multiple posts into one place; quite frankly, it also makes it very easy for me to update the information.

Please check out the lens via the link below and feel free to send me any additional guides, information, corrections, etc. that you may have; if you send me a detailed guide, I promise to give you full attribution and a link to your blog, website, etc.

Link -- Gmail Options Lens

P.C/C. (as in "preemptive clarification/comment") -- yes, I know that I need to update the lens with the information that Gmail's Mail Fetcher now allows you to fetch mail from other Gmail accounts -- it will be updated this weekend.

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