Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Virtual lunches

takeout sushiThe [non]billable hour has a great post about buying someone a virtual lunch for a meeting.  Essentially, the virtual lunch concept boils down to having the person with whom you are trying to meet with give you the name, number, and favorite dish at their preferred takeout restaurant and your calling and having that lunch delivered during a specific time period (I think it can go unsaid that you are paying for the lunch, but maybe not, so I'm saying it: you pay).  Once the lunch is delivered, both of you hop on the phone for an hour and have, well, a virtual lunch.

I'm still coming up with ideas about why this is a great strategy for many different functions within a business (salespeople, leaders, managers, etc.), but regardless of your function, you can always be there in person to have a lunch meeting and I think that this is an amazing alternative.

The original idea was posted by Scott Ginsberg and is actually part 2 of a series that endeavors to help you keep your network alive (part one is here).


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