Thursday, March 22, 2007

Force feed readers to use your Feedburner feed when your blog is hosted on Blogger

bloggerfeedburnerOne of the challenges with the level of feed subscription management in feed readers is that the readers tend to default to a particular feed, which may not be the feed that you want your subscribers subscribing to.  This is especially prevalent when you go to subscribe to a Blogger feed with Google Reader; Google Reader likes to subscribe to the ATOM feed of the blog rather than the Feedburner RSS feed.  Unfortunately you cannot disable the ATOM feed because that is what provides content to the Feedburner feed, but you can modify your Blogger template to attempt to force feed readers to use your Feedburner feed.

I did some searching on the topic of forcing the Feedburner feed and found the full instructions on the Blogger Template Tricks blog.  Here's what you do:

  1. Find where it says the following in your template: <$BlogMetaData$>

  2. Insert/paste this code following the text above:  <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
    href="" />

  3. Replace the instances of "Strategize" above with the appropriate title of your blog and the address of your Feedburner RSS feed

  4. Save your template

  5. If you are using the new version of Blogger, you do not need to do anything; in the old version of Blogger, republish the index.

If everything works out correctly, feed readers should automatically pull your Feedburner feed instead of your ATOM feed.

I never would have figured this out myself, so big thanks to Blogger Template Tricks.

Link -- Blogger Template Tricks

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