Saturday, March 10, 2007

Amazon Unbox with TiVo trial part 3

Amazon unboxThe movie finally download last night around 8:15PM -- that makes it about 8 or so hours to download an 84 minute move (Amazon lists the movie size at around 1.5GB).  I still have no idea if it was issues on my network or something else, but that seems like an awful long time.  However, with that having been said, if I were to set up the downloading prior to leaving for work and not be able to check it until I got home from work, then I probably wouldn't have noticed or even known how long the file had taken to download.

The movie itself was of good quality: about the same quality as recording a program on the TiVo at the best quality setting.  I was happy that the movie launched directly without any added advertising, which is definitely an improvement over purchased DVDs these days; my guess is that it won't be long before the studios and/or Amazon realize that they can insert ads, but I strongly hope that it doesn't happen.

One of the great advantages of the Amazon system is the fact that I can delete the movie from the TiVo device and the movie is still stored for me in my Amazon Media Locker with the ability for me to send it back to the TiVo at any time.

Just for kicks, I tried to use the TiVoDecode Manager to access the TiVo box and see if the Borat was listed in the program list . . . it was not, meaning that there is probably something at the operating system level that prevents the TiVo from displaying Amazon Unbox titles (as opposed to it just being something in the TiVo desktop software).  Never hurts to try.

I'm still waiting to compare and contrast the Amazon and TiVo service with the AppleTV, but I still haven't received an sort of further update from Apple regarding the actual ship date (the Apple Store shows an anticipated ship date of March 20). 

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded "Departed" and it took all night long. We were hoping to watch it in a couple of hours (after starting the download) but instead watched it the next day.

Good quality. But for $15, I'd rather have the DVD that doesn't require downloading, that I can lend to people, etc. (Of course, the first download is free with the $15 gift you get for signing up).