Sunday, March 25, 2007

MediaFork (used to be HandBrake) + Core2Duo = perfect DVD ripping


I've been using my G4 Mac Mini to rip my DVD library and have to say that I've been less than impressed with the time that it takes to rip a DVD.  Today I decided to try the beta version of MediaFork to rip a DVD on my MacBook Pro.  Previously I have ripped DVDs using the standard ffmpeg MPG4 encoder at 60% constant quality and have gotten movies in the 800MB-1.5GB range at a quality that's certainly acceptable using the AppleTV.  However, I did rip one DVD on the mini using the H.264 encoder and the quality was much better, but it took around 11 hours to rip.

When I put a DVD in my MacBook Pro today and set MediaFork up to use the H.264 encoder at 70% constant quality, it ripped the DVD in less than 2 hours (film length of 2.25 hours), which is just incredible.  MediaFork is compiled as a universal binary, so it obviously takes a lot of advantage of the capabilities of the Intel processors.

In conclusion: I'll be ripping my DVDs with my laptop until I get a Core2Duo desktop.

Link -- MediaFork 

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Brent said...

Does anyone have similar numbers for Windows? Its currently taking me about 12 hrs to convert VOBs with mediafork on an older WinTel PC.