Thursday, March 08, 2007


GooSyncSeems like I'm on a Google Calendar sync roll this morning, so I might as well talk about GooSync as well.  GooSync allows over-the-air sync of your Google Calendar with your mobile phone provided your mobile phone provides SyncML support (there are a lot of phones with this support and the GooSync site provides downloads for certain phone operating systems like Windows Mobile that require a SyncML client install).  This is a 2-way sync, so information entered into your phone calendar will be sync'd back to your Google Calendar.

GooSync offers a free option and a premium option for around $38 per year -- full feature comparison here.  Regardless of the plan that you choose, both the free and premium plans are listed as having support for Google Domain, which makes me assume that this would work for Google Apps Premier, but if anyone can verify that, it would be awesome.

The GooSync FAQ states that they are working on a Google Contact sync service, which would be pretty awesome as well.  Imagine using either the Gmail Mobile Java app or Gmail forwarding for e-mail along with GooSync for calendar and contacts -- that would be pretty powerful Blackberry comeptition at a very low implementation cost.

As with a lot of these services that run your information through their services, you should definitely read the privacy policy before signing up.



Anonymous said...

again just the carrot to run after, is it quite a thing to offer a somewhat complete package, i mean there is goosync , gcalsync and then Zyb Though zyb stands out with a decent contacts/appointments backup and wide support of phones, they still offer one way import from google calendar. There is a desktop application calgoo and many more. Why not google wrap it up, a package that enable sync with address book calendar and more. In case of zyb they are moving in to sms backup and may be more and goosync is getting on to the gmail contacts part --- things do look bright but then again its half as good.

Ross said...

I'm not even entirely sure that Zyb is worth mentioning here as I don't think that it has a conduit for Google Calendar, Gmail contacts, etc., though the service is pretty cool.

You do have a good point: it would be great if Google would wrap up a bunch of the independent services into a broad solution that allowed easy synchroization and mobile access.