Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gartner says: Stop buying Blackberry, stop deploying Blackberries

According to this post on BBHub, Ken Dulaney of Gartner has released a report that recommends consumers and businesses stop buying Blackberries and stop Blackberry deployments until there is a decision in the NTP/RIM case:

“Stop or delay all mission-critical Blackberry deployments and investments in the platform until RIM's legal position is clarified,”

Although RIM has stated that if an injunction were put in place that prohibited RIM from selling or servicing Blackberrys in the US, they have a software solution that will continue to service existing customers.  However, Dulaney cautions:

"RIM claims its work-around is legally sound, but its history in the courts does not inspire confidence," Dulaney says. "Moreover, end-user validation and implementation would take time, resulting in a temporary loss of service."


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