Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Seth Godin has lots to say about online marketing

And you should listen to what he has to say; here’s an example from a recent interview that he did:

1. Does it perplex you that many big brands still have reservations about the web?

Not at all. Big brands got that way by doing the things that worked over and over. They're not good at the new, and they're horrible at experimenting.

5. Interruptive online ads are thought to damage brands, yet we still see an awful lot of advertising clutter on the major publishing sites. What would you say to these publishers and advertisers?

They're not listening, so I can't say much of anything.

If they were listening, I'd ask them to do one thing: measure.

Makes you want to read the whole thing, doesn’t it?

Link — original interview

Link — re-print on Seth’s Blog

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