Thursday, December 08, 2005

My thoughts on the recent air marshal shooting

There are all kinds of news stories with all kinds of opinions about the air marshal that shot and killed the man yesterday who claimed he had a bomb.  I travel a lot by plane and feel safer knowing that air marshals are willing to take decisive action rather than waiting to determine the validity of a person’s claim.

What everyone should take away from this incident includes:

  • No making jokes about bombs, terrorism, etc. on airplanes or in airports; you will be taken seriously
  • For those that would seek to do bad things — air marshals are around and are willing to take decisive action

I will be very disappointed if we see any sort of lawsuit come out of this incident.


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Anonymous said...

I believe the Air Marshall acted accordingly. If a mentally ill person has not taken his medication and his spouse is aware of this, why does she allow him to be a passenger on a plane? Would an airline allow a mentally ill patient who has not had his medication on a plane? This is just another case of the public watching too many action hero movies. The times we live in are not Hollywood. We live in a real world that has changed drastically since 9/11. Thank you.