Tuesday, December 27, 2005

TiVo-branded Wireless G network adapter

Engadget is reporting that TiVo has released their own, branded Wireless G network adapter.  Just in time for after the holiday rush (i.e., the time when they could have offered that as an upsell for all the people buying TiVo units as gifts for other people) when many people like me have already purchased a 3rd party “TiVo-approved” USB Wireless network adapter.

Apparently the adapter is different from other USB adapters in that it handles some amount of processing for multiple TiVo unit content transfer and TiVoToGo functions.  I’d sure love to see performance tests between the TiVo-branded unit and non-TiVo-branded units before I was willing to plunk down another $50 to replace a USB adapter that’s not broken.


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