Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sony proposes settlement for the rootkit class action lawsuit

Not surprisingly, is reporting that Sony has proposed a settlement for the class action brought against them for their malicious rootkit software.  From the story, here is a bulleted list of what Sony has agreed to for XCP CDs:

  • Immediate recall of all CDs with XCP software
  • Incentives to exchange XCP CDs — either a free download of 3 albums (probably from the Sony music store and encoded in ATRAC) or $7.50 cash and 1 free album download (see my previous parenthetical remark)
  • In order to make a claim, consumers must return their CD to Sony with a receipt showing that the CD was purchased at a retailer after Nov. 14 (not like this is super-likely)

For CDs with MediaMax, Sony is not doing a recall, but will compensate buyers with 1 free album download and MP3 versions of the audio on the MediaMax CD.

I can’t say that I am super-impressed with what Sony is offering, but others might disagree.


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