Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rewardsnetwork.com handles the back-end for Upromise

How do I know this?  I found out today when I went to update a credit card in Mileage Plus Dining.  After I had entered my new card number to receive Mileage Plus miles on United, I received an error that stated my card was already enrolled in another program.  Confused, I called Rewards Network customer service who informed me that the card was already registered for Upromise, so it could not be registered for 2 programs that Reward Network handled.  Nowhere on the Rewards Network site is there a disclosure about Upromise nor is there a disclosure about Rewards Network conflicts on the Upromise site or on the Mileage Plus Dining site.

I wonder if the various program partners of Upromise and Mileage Plus Dining know about the Rewards Network system limitation.  If I owned a restaurant and was paying to participate in Rewards Network to drive people to my restaurant by providing United Mileage Plus miles, I would definitely want to know that people subscribed to Upromise would not receive that benefit.  Furthermore, it sucks for me as a consumer to not be able to receive both Upromise money for my daughter’s college as well as Mileage Plus miles for dining out.

Link — Rewards Network main page

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