Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nokia e-mailed me today about my 770 order

Essentially the e-mail told me to call customer service within 72 hours or my 770 order would be cancelled.  Confused, I called Nokia, gave them my order number, and verified my billing address, shipping address, and security code for my credit card.  I then asked the customer service rep if this meant that the units were now and she told me they were shipping to people in the order that pre-purchases were processed on the Nokia site.

I thought all this was pretty cool and that the 770 I had ordered would be shipping shortly until I read a post on the Nokia 770 blog that relates the story of Neil McAllister, who also received an e-mail from Nokia:

When I called the Nokia number, the operator on the phone guessed right away that I was calling about the 770 and told me that the e-mail I received was probably generated because I was one of the very earliest people to order the tablet.

She said that when people originally ordered the tablet the Web site said delivery was expected on November 17 and people had “misinterpreted” that do mean that delivery would actually happen for sure on that date. “Due to unforeseen circumstances,” the units hadn’t yet arrived at the warehouse, and they were sending out the e-mails to confirm with people that they still wanted to receive the tablets.

I asked when they were now expected to arrive and she said there was no firm date, but that it had been suggested that the warehouse could expect them December 30. Even that, she said, was not a firm date — the fact that the e-mails were being generated now could be interpreted as a sign that the units would arrive sooner — but basically, nobody should get
their hopes up.

Marvelous news — hope it’s not true.


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