Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Leatherman Wave

I got a Leatherman Wave for Christmas, which was perfect timing as my 5–year-old Gerber multi-tool had finally broken.  The Wave is cool because it has knife blades on the outside that you can access without folding out the whole tool.

Playing with the Wave, I was thinking that Leatherman is making a big mistake on not letting a guy like me customize the knife blade options on the exterior of the Wave (and other models that have exterior blades).  If I could customize the Wave, (and, yes, I would pay a premium for it) I would have both of the exterior blades be serrated instead of one flat and one serrated; it’s just more useful for me that way.

I’m not saying that Leatherman (or Gerber or even Swiss Army, for that matter) have to allow the consumer to customize everything (although that would be damn cool), just allow enough customization that the thing feels personalized and cool — we would all pay a little more for it.


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