Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some changes to my blog

A little “New Year’s cleaning”:

  • Removal of Chitka.  Why?  Because it’s ugly and it’s not making any money for my daughter’s college fund.
  • Removal of some Adsense advertising.  Why?  Just trying to clean up the site and make the main page cleaner.
  • Change of feed icons to the new standard feed icon.  This icon links to my blog RSS feed on Feedburner.  The ATOM feed is still available and can be auto-discovered, but I like the level of service Feedburner provides to both me as an author and all of you as readers.  I also added some Feedburner “chicklets” that allow you to quickly add my site feed to various aggregators; not an exhaustive list, but some of the more popular.
  • Removed my listing of “Top Referrers.”  Why?  I used to be able to keep track when my blog was just starting out, but now it can change throughout the course of a day and I just can’t keep it up-to-date.
  • Removed the “@” sign from all of my e-mail address links — the amount of spam I receive is astounding, so I replaced the “@” with “[at]”.

I’m thinking of removing the exhaustive listing of all the blogs I subscribe to with Bloglines and just replacing it with a hyperlink that will take you to my public listing on the Bloglines site.  I think this will make the page load faster and get the HTML links list closer to the top.  Anyone have an opinion?

Happy New Year!

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