Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blogjet bad move

I went to download the new version of Blogjet today.  I found out there was a new version by going to the Help menu and selecting "Check for New Version," which prompted a dialog box telling me that I was using an old version, there was a new version available, and asking if I wanted to download the new version.  I clicked "Yes" to upgrade and got some sort of error with Firefox, so I went direct to the Blogjet site and clicked the "Download" link.  In the download section of the site it says this:

If you want to receive instructions on how to setup BlogJet and a few feature highlights, please, type your name and e-mail address in the form above. Your privacy is very important to us, so we won't give away your address. If you do not want us to e-mail you, just leave the fields blank.

Having already registered the older version and being in a position where I just wanted to upgrade, I left the fields blank.  To my surprise, when I clicked to download, I was redirected here to the "Awake Autoresponder" that said:


Awake Autoresponder

ERROR: Invalid Email/Name.

Awake Autoresponder by Daniel Berg, 06-21-2004
© Copyright 2003, 2004. All rights reserved. DANIBERG
Now a little pissed off at the system, I entered a fake name of "Nowhere" and an e-mail of "," which finally let me download the current software.
Bad user experience, especially for software the has an attached registration fee, and doubly especially because I've paid that fee.

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